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The unanimously approved By laws of the WPC provide for a comprehensive mechanism for the smooth and broad-based participation of all members of the Caucus. According to the framed rules, the Caucus functions through three main decision-making bodies:

The Patron: The woman legislator, serving the highest legislative office (either the Speaker, the Chairperson Senate, Deputy Speaker or the Deputy Chairperson) becomes the patron of the Caucus. She presides over the meetings of the General Assembly and Working Council and can convene their meetings as and when required. She’s also authorised to take any decisions for the working of the Caucus, which are required to be ratified by the General Assembly. She’s also authorised to appoint the Secretary and the Treasurer of the WPC from amongst the Members of the Caucus in consultation with the General Assembly.

The General Assembly: It comprises of all the Members of the Caucus. Only women legislators are eligible to become the Members of the Caucus. They are required to seek the membership by paying the membership fee, followed by monthly dues on quarterly basis. Any member failing to pay her dues for two consecutive quarters, gets her membership suspended. The membership can only be revived after seeking fresh membership. All decisions are taken by the General Assembly, which is bound to meet at least once in every session of the Parliament.

The Working Council: The Working Council comprises of representatives of all the parliamentary groups in the parliament, having women representation. Its members are chosen for a period of one year by the Patron in consultation with the General Assembly. It meets on frequent basis, as and when desired by the Patron and is authorised to take decisions and make plans for the effective functioning of the Caucus.

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