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The Office of the WPC Secretariat

A fully functional office of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus has been established in the Parliament House, which was inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on July 6, 2009.Sponsored by the “Strengthening Democracy through Parliamentary Development (SDPD)” Project of the United Nation’s Development Programme, the artistically furnished office is planned effectively to cater to the needs of the Caucus and reflects the “touch of a woman”, integrated with the “needs of a responsible parliamentarian”. The whole compound has wireless internet facility, enabling the Members of the Caucus to use it for their personal benefit as well. Other state-of the art facilities include:

  1. Conference Room: It has a seating capacity of 20 with an additional space for 30 chairs. It is equipped with most modern video conferencing facility, audio system, wireless multi-media projectors, and a 40” plasma screen. All important meetings, including those of the General Assembly and the Working Council, are held here.
  2. The Secretary’s Office: This provides for the private working space for the Caucus Secretary and the Treasurer. It has all the needed facilities, including a desktop computer, fax machine, coloured printer and a wireless internet facility.
  3. Executive Office: The space is provided with filing cabinets, desktop and laptop computers, scanner machine, heavy-duty photo-copier, coloured and black & white laser printers and other related office equipment.

Besides the above, the office also contains a Reception and Waiting Area. It is provided with a small library, featuring literature, concerning women issues and related legislation. Besides, a small and compact kitchenette, equipped with a fridge, microwave oven and a water dispenser, also forms part of the Office.


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